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Our Story


 I've always loved history and archaeology, and after leaving school went off to become an archaeologist and got to explore amazing things and amazing places. 

Years later, as a mum, I realised it isn't only screen time and busy lifestyles that make exploring tricky, but for me living in rural Scotland made it even harder, and sometimes impossible to get to those places I wanted to go.

So I started History Explorers because I believe that everyone, no matter where they are,  should have the chance to explore things that interest them, perhaps something new, or looking at a  known topic from a different angle.  

I believe that being able to create your own projects shouldn't always be about following instructions and creating exact replicas, but that curiosity can in turn inspire people.       

We learn so much by doing, by creating, and making our own connections with what we discover and I wanted to be able to give that chance to others, no matter where they are.  


Fossilised dinosaur footprints at Staffin beach on the Isle of Skye, Scotland